Monday, August 2, 2010

Yunjie: Mr. Chen in the "correction"?

March 27, the grand stage of the digital and Taiwan held in Beijing issued, the grand high-level expression of different ways, declared a grand transformation of a major shift in trajectory: abide by the operating platform for its core competitiveness, focus on "content integration and service . " It is understood that "a grand do not go their own box, the box will not sell themselves." This is the grand recent message to the partners.
From the need to do, "soft and hard and eat" the grand boxes to the present focus on content integration and service, Mr. Chen's "digital home" vision has not changed, but do to "integrators" and "high profile" becomes lower, the "big appetite "seems to have become smaller.
Mr. Chen is not easy to change. From the "against all the odds," gamble digital home, to the courage of Wall Street "strong words" - open "criticism" of Wall Street do not understand a grand.
However, Chen, after all, forcing a "dictator", but a keen insight into changes in the market savvy businessman, he ultimately depends on changes in the market, and investors face, would also consider the attitude of partners.
I asked a grand collaboration with computer makers to see how the responsible people how grand, he replied: "Shanda is a very young company at home." He said a grand lack of experience for the cooperation. Indeed, in the grand list of partners, whether it is Intel, Microsoft, Changhong, Hisense, or Universal Music and ladder digital, most are a qualified than the grand "old" enterprise, whether in the hustle of the market in, or alliance strategy, may have to be more grand than the young old to more experienced.
Shanda do content integration and service providers need to cooperate with many manufacturers and end-product of cooperation to achieve. Gamble in the heavyweights in the digital home market, no one wanted to be the biggest winners. The cooperation is close, it can achieve "mutual benefit", which is the basis for cooperation is the key to success. Although the content is now available integrated solutions, the grand walk in front, because not all of the co-exclusive. Once the market is really up, "copycat who" will flock to the grand pattern will be copied. The ability to form a strong alliance early fortress, will determine whether the formation of a grand "first mover advantage."
By dealing with more partners and "run" so grand more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and "division of labor" to "cooperation" of the truth. Always love their own rules of the game Mr. Chen also found that partners need to work together "game."
Grand strategy for the transformation of the market risk of the queries and concerns persist. Wall Street investors the share price is falling, said his thoughts. Digital home market has just started, need a nurturing process. Shanda is not enough for the giants such as Intel have been developed by the market? Online games revenue and grand enough to support the grand cash in the hands of a successful transition? How to consider the long-term gains and short-term interests of balance, which is a listed company need any problems. Interests of the investors, which is a listed company can not escape any responsibility for, the grand can not avoid.
Not long ago, Chen admitted in an interview the grand core competitiveness is still a matter of fact from the game on the game and the experience gained. Which gives the impression that Mr. Chen has been a long time did not mention the network game. Shanda now more aware of the need to seriously consider the feelings of investors to control investment have rhythm and risks.
Chen Tianqiao can hit the net worth of the original gamble online games, more of the success of speculators, the success of the gamble has shown Mr. Chen's ultra-ordinary people's courage and determination. Now Mr. Chen is "gambling can not afford a" grand is not just because a person is Mr. Chen, who has hosted a grand more responsibility, not only to the investors, as the staff responsible, but also for the Customer is responsible for.
For the digital home this emerging field, many risks are difficult to predict, even Microsoft, on or off in this somersault. This requires a Pathfinder and the "trial and error" process.
Moreover, as a grand way for 7 years just passed a young enterprise in the growth process will inevitably make mistakes, or detours. Whether strategic, tactical, or internal management, are likely to go through a trial and error and error correction of the stage or process, this may be grand as young companies grow and mature companies that go through life experiences.
Tactical change from the grand perspective, the grand return of reason.
Recent rumors of sale of SINA shares. Although the acquisition of a grand Sina meet the needs of home entertainment strategy. But the pace has sold too much, now do not have control of the grand Sina's strength and prestige. If the grand sale of SINA shares is really a temporary retreat, take the opportunity to relieve the financial burden can be considered a rational choice.

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