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Flash highlights examples of forms produced (6)

Section 6 Email Form

In this instance to make a simple Email email form, the user need only add the appropriate e-mail messages well, you can automatically tune the system default mailer program, sending and receiving e-mail program will automatically e-mail information about the content according to the form by Tim Good, form interface, shown in Figure 6.1;

Figure 6.1 Email form the main interface

1. First start Flash, create a video, set video scene size 400px * 300px (unit pixels), set the video background color is gray, the color code.

2. The main scene in the default layer renamed the Form, use the Text tool in the vertical direction at the stage to draw three text boxes, all set to input text boxes, the top text box to enter the subject of the message, so In the Properties panel to set the text variable named subject, the specific settings as shown in Figure 6.2;

Figure 6.2 Setting the theme text box

The middle of the text box to enter the greeting message, so in Properties Panel set the text variable named greeting, the specific settings in Figure 6.3 below:

Figure 6.3 Set regards to the language of the box

Bottom text box is the body of the message, and in the properties panel to set the text variable named body, as shown in the specific settings in Figure 6.4;

Figure 6.4 Set the body of the text box

3. The three text boxes set up, the current stage, as shown in Figure 6.5;

Figure 6.5 Setting the stage 3 in the text box

4. Next, the form also need to add captions to a text box to add text of the description, the specific settings as shown in Figure 6.6:

Figure 6.6 Add a reminder to form

5. Whole form is the most critical part of the Send button, and add all the contents of a good e-mail, only through this button to send a message out. So here Create a new button element, draw a simple rectangle button, and then Drag the lower right of the stage, as shown in Figure 6.7;

Figure 6.7 Add a button to send the message

6. In the layer a new layer above the Form Variables, in its first one to add the following Action;

stop ();
name = "Flashage";
email = "";
mailto = "mailto:" add name add "<" add email add ">";
Finally the Send button to add the following Action;
on (press, keyPress "") (
getURL (mailto add "? subject =" add subject add "& body =" add greeting add newline add body);

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